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Diesel Price in Kolkata

Diesel Price in Kolkata today is Rs 83.61 per Litre. The Rates are calculated on ‎April 28th,2021. We Provide daily updated Diesel rates and try to give you best information.

Diesel Price Kolkata in Last 1 Week Diesel Price
28 April,2021 Rs 83.61
27 April,2021 Rs 83.61
26 April,2021 Rs 83.61
25 April,2021 Rs 83.61
24 April,2021 Rs 83.61
23 April,2021 Rs 83.61
22 April,2021 Rs 83.61
21 April,2021 Rs 83.61
20 April,2021 Rs 83.61

Kolkata is one of the metro cities in India. People here do a lot of works and transportation is at the top here. The more important thing is the productivity and consumption of natural resources. Prices of crude oils can have a great effect on the prices and cost of the product. As the changed plan and scheme of government, people have to face fluctuate price of petrol and diesel. It has become important to get yourself updated with the latest price of diesel in Kolkata. This will let you know what the price is you are going to pay at the petrol filling station. Diesel price in Kolkata is listed there on such websites. If you want to know diesel price in Kolkata today that is somewhere around, 68.68 rupees in Indian currency.

This will show you a graph for whether the price is going up or down or it is constant from some few days. Some analytics can say that you are going to up your business when you purchase such crude oils in bulk for your factory or industry. This will definitely save much of your time as well as money if you are knowing the prices over internet. These companies are having the prices of diesel for all the current days and will provide you latest price of diesel today so you could keep yourself updated with the price.

Remember, those who don’t keep them updated, becomes outdated. Diesel rate in Kolkata is listed on some websites that you can check by visiting on their website and getting to know more about them. This will surely make the work done in the given time. Moreover, this will definitely let you know about the prices of other cities in India but if you are living in Kolkata, you need to know the latest price of diesel in Kolkata.